Thursday, 1 November 2012


In a move I can only describe as "idiotic" I am considering/planning/probably going to try and do a self-imposed daily blog entry this November like I did last year.

When I realized that it was November 1st, my first thought was doing my NaNoBlogMo again, which I immediately decided against since I haven't been doing much cooking or crafting lately.

My next thought was that I should do a self-imposed fitness challenge since getting into better shape has been a big part of my life lately. So I decided that by the end of November I want to have run/jogged/fast walked at least 40 miles. I mentioned this to my friend Julia and she is joining me in this challenge. We are also planning on doing a 5K sometime this month.

When we started making plans, she mentioned she also wants to do some sort of daily set writing this month. Which made me think about my blog again. I realized that a complaint of mine lately is that I have been very busy, but busy doing pretty much just improv and improv related activities, so maybe doing NaNoBlogMo will make me think about my other hobbies more this month. I also realized how lately when I cook I often use my old blog entries as recipes and wish there were more to chose from/look at. And I realized that I have done some interesting stuff lately that I can write about even if they aren't craft/cooking related because they are still hobby related and so is my running so I can use my blog to keep track of that and besides which this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want even if its stupidly long run on sentences.

...I guess its been a day of realizations.

So I guess I'm doing NaNoBlogMo again (and yes I am keeping the name despite it making no sense). Can you see how non-committal I'm being? Maybe I'm crazy. We'll see.

Milage: 2.25


  1. Steph! This is hilarious. Go look at my blog. By the way, I ran 8 miles today. BOOM!

    1. I have a feeling you will have no trouble reaching your 40 miles!

      I get emailed when you update your blog so when I got one yesterday I started laughing. We are peas in an over-achieving pod!