Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NaNoBlogMo - Starting With An Excuse

In an attempt to get back to posting with some regularity, I plan to attempt a "NaNoWriMo" like challenge and try to post in this blog once a day in for the entire month of November...aka NaNoBlogMo.

Just as a head's up, however, thanks to the lovely snow storm that wrecked havoc this weekend, I, like the majority of Connecticut, currently have no power at home. Thanks to a gas fireplace and gas stove (not to mention my trusty headlamp), my family isn't too bad off. Other than no hot water, no cell reception and the fact that we likely won't have power back until the weekend or later, we are doing fine. This does mean that my grand plan to post everyday might be a bit difficult, but I hope to still complete my personal challenge.

Now, previously my entries have been mostly updates on what I had most recently cooked/crafted/improv-ed, a format that won't really work if I have to post everyday (unless you want to see a picture everyday of a scarf that has a few more rows added to it for 31 days straight...the craft equivalent of watching grass grow).

My plan is to post pictures of things I have previously made or done to create a bit of my personal hobby history. For years I made things and sold them or gave them as gifts without taking pictures of them, so I really have no record of what I've made. This will serve as a fun excuse to try and dig through my history. I have already made this plea on facebook but I will make it again, if you have anything that I have made, I would love it if you could take a picture of it and text/email/facebook it to me so I can post about that. Thanks in advance!

Well, wish me luck on my challenge (and wish me some power!)


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