Monday, 26 November 2012

NaNoBlogMo2 - Cross-stitch

Photo courtesy of the lovely Julia Pistell
Cross stitching is one of those things I like that I can do and I enjoy doing....and rarely do. I've done a few projects over the years but nothing all that big or exciting. Last year when my friend and fellow Sea Tea'r, Julia, mentioned that she had ended up with a cross stitch pattern as part of a Yankee Swap (she had brought it as her gift and the lucky recipient apparently didn't think enough of it to bring it home so Julia kept it) I took that as a chance to do a little cross stitching. Julia's taste is really impeccable. If you can't tell from the scant amount I have finished so far, the picture is of penguins walking through a rainbow and then emerging as the colors of the rainbow. Adorable.

One of my favorite things about this project is I have never brought it home. I started working on it at Julia and Greg's and other than a brief trip to Dan's for a Sea Tea Super Bowl party, it has stayed at their apartment. I like that I have a go-to project there. I get together with Julia (and sometimes Greg) from time to time to watch Game of Thrones. I never have to bring my knitting or another craft project with me, or worse sit idly watching without something to keep my hands busy. Instead, I just dig out my cross stitch that I have squirrelled away by their couch and hunker down for some stitchin'.

I kind of like when I have projects that were mostly finished in one place, or watching one thing. So many of my projects are done bit by bit over a decent period of time. But when I have something where it was mostly done in one place, I can't help but look at the finished project and remember what I was doing while I worked on it. I like that when these cross stitch is finished I'll be reminded of the fun times I have had hanging out at Greg and Julia's apartment, enjoying good time with friends and Game of Thrones.

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  1. Hi - wondering where you got the cross stitch of the penguins walking through the rainbow from - I am DESPERATE to find this.


  2. Bronwen,

    The brand is called Monarch Horizons, the specific kit is "Penguin Promenade". I believe my friend found it at something like an Ocean State Job Lot, but I can't remember exactly. I did a super quick google search and found someone selling it on etsy:

    You may also be able to find something on eBay. Hope that helps!