Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NaNoBlogMo2 - Friends Afar

Much as a feared, I am not even halfway through November and already running low on hobby things to talk about. I am hoping I'll be doing some cooking/baking/crafting during the upcoming Thanksgiving break, so I'll have something then...but for the moment I shall have to settle for something less hobby-ish and more...just my life...ish.

I have been extremely lucky in my life that I have some really wonderful friends. And that these friends are scattered about the world. And that these friends are the type that you might go weeks or months (or more!) at a time without talking to them, but you always pick up where you left off.

When I moved to Shanghai after graduating from college, one reason I was excited and nervous was that I was going to have the chance to meet my pen-pal, Lucy, face to face after writing to each other for about 8 years. I remember the day we finally met I arrived early and sat sweating in the heat in front of the Science & Technology Museum subway stop worrying that she wouldn't like me. (I am a champion worrier. I would get at least the bronze medal in the Worry-lympics). Of course we got along great and hung out often for the two years I lived in Shanghai. I even visited her family twice (I call her father my "Chinese Father" and she calls my mother her "American Mum").

Also while I was in Shanghai I happened to meet Isa at a wine tasting at what soon became one of my favorite places: Enoteca. One of the best things I did was introduce Isa & Lucy. The three of us became somewhat like the three musketeerettes. We went out for drinks, dinner & dancing often. We would hit up a pub called Bulldog almost every week because they had free drinks for ladies on Tuesdays. We travelled together a few times, sleeping in hostels and taking far too many silly pictures. After I found out about my brother's death, Lucy & Isa were simply amazing at being there for me and helping me to feel normal again.

Isa moved back to Germany (did I mention she was German?) in the summer of 2009, before moving back to Shanghai where she lives now. Lucy moved to Switzerland (although a running joke we have is that I keep screwing up and saying she moved to Sweden) shortly after I moved back to the US. I love that my German friend lives in Shanghai and my Chinese friends lives in Switzerland. Isa came to the US in the winter of 2010 and she stayed with me for a bit. It was so bizarre and also wonderful to have her here and to show her my life in the US.
Myself, Lucy & Isa at Bulldog in Shanghai - 2009
It had been quite a while since I had heard from either of them, but then I got an email from Lucy and then a fast response from Isa earlier this week. It brightened up my mood more than I can say. Oddly enough, what apparently inspired Lucy to email us was she saw the pictures from my 5K and wanted to tell me she was proud and that I looked good. :D

It was a dream of ours that one day we would all go to Las Vegas together. And it would not surprise me at all if that were to happen. I learned a while back how life can surprise you, to never say never and also how with friends like mine...anything can happen.

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