Wednesday, 15 December 2010


It's been weeks since I last posted and I apologize. I ended up getting a full time job (yay!) so I am a bit busier than when I started this blog. I do plan to keep it up, though.

The most I have in terms of recent hobby news is of the "OMG SO MUCH IMPROV" variety. I have three shows in the next five days. Here is a little schedule of what's going on!

Tonight we are performing at a high school. I have my improv clothes all stashed behind my desk so I can change and speed out of here as soon as work is done. Don't wanna be late! This one isn't open to the public, sorry.

This Friday, December 17th, we are performing at Jitters Cafe in Southington, CT. This will be the first time I have performed long form for an audience. All of Sea Tea has been taking lessons together recently (we had one this past Sunday, in fact) so I am excited to try it. This one is open to the public!

This Sunday, December 19th, is our monthly performance at the Brew Ha Ha in Hartford, CT. We rehearsed the basic set list last night at practice. I thought it went well and I am looking forward to the show. I am going to be in some guessing roles that I am not usually in, so it will be a bit of a change of pace for me. If you want to come to this show, I sincerely recommend making reservations! Our October show sold out.

We are also performing for a private party for the Science Center people next week.

One thing I am pretty excited about is our show on December 23rd at the Funny Bone comedy club in the Buckland Hills Mall. That'll be my first time performing in a national comedy club. Wish us luck! (And come watch us if you can!).

Check out the Sea Tea website for more info.