Sunday, 20 November 2011

NaNoBlogMo 20 - Knitting While ... Anything

While I was looking through Facebook (which has apparently become the record of my life) for inspiration of what to do my next blog post about (cuz I am 20 days into this project and I'm starting to feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel already), I noticed something. There are a bunch of pictures of me knitting. Not like, taken specifically to show me knitting for a blog post or taken at crafting events or even pictures of me knitting in the comfort of my own home/dorm/apartment. Pictures where I am out in public and knitting. Take for example this picture of me knitting a scarf that I donated to charity while at Improv rehearsal back in college. This made me think of one of the reasons I like knitting so much. Unless I am doing a hugely complicated pattern or something where I need to do a lot of counting, knitting is something I can do while I am doing something else. I like multi-tasking. Its helpful for someone who can't sit still. When I was younger I used to volunteer to cut coupons for my mother because it gave me something to do with my hands when I watched TV. I also used to build card houses while I watched TV, because I didn't just like sitting. Really, I was primed to be a knitter before I ever picked up my first pair of needles and skein of yarn.

Back in college, I knit in one of my classes. Just one, because it was the only one in my four years where it felt appropriate: Sociology of Management. I will be completely honest and say that I used to doodle a LOT in my notebooks throughout my entire education. It wasn't because I wasn't paying attention, it was because I needed to be doing something with my hands but didn't feel the need to take notes. So for this class I came up and asked the professor if I could knit. I promised that it would actually help me pay attention (which it did), I promised that I would still be part of the discussion (which I was) and that it wouldn't affect my grades (which it didn't). The professor was very cool about it and we agreed that I could as long as it didn't distract the other students. For the rest of the semester I brought in my most mindless knitting and it kept my hands busy while I took part in the class.

I love that I can knit while I travel, or knit while I hang out with folks, or listen to music or watch TV. The only thing I can't seem to stretch my mind enough to do is knit and read at the same time. Which also means that I can't watch movies with subtitles or my brain a'splodes. At the same time, I worry that sometimes people were/are insulted when I knit in front of them. Like how I get annoyed when people are constantly on their cell phones when I am trying to talk to them. I promise I am paying attention to you. If its bothering you, just let me know and I will put the needles away.

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