Sunday, 6 November 2011

NaNoBlogMo 6 - Digital Photography

I'm hoping that I both get power back and have time to work on blog posts this weekend. In case I don't have the opportunity though, I am writing this post ahead of time for Sunday. Along with my video post from yesterday, I thought a post of photos would be a nice easy post for a Sunday (although considering how much of my projects involve knitting, I am going to get all my non-knitting topics used up by this time next week...oh well!)

I took a digital photography class in college that was really interesting. On top of learning interesting things about shutter speed and why I should never use flash, I got to play with photoshop. One of my first projects involved using a camera stand to take different photos in the same place and combine them. I used myself as my subject so I wouldn't have to bother anyone else with how fussy I was about the whole thing, and went off to my campus's Great Hall for a photoshoot. My results were the two pictures you see in this entry. Thanks to the timer on my digital camera I could aim the camera and press the button, then get to where ever I needed to be.

For this "Dinner of Me" picture, I set the table and chairs so that I could easily get into each seat without moving ANYTHING. That way the only thing I would be editing in the combined picture would be adding me (and my shadows, as it turns out, which made things more difficult than I originally planned).

I like the idea of having a dinner party with different parts of my personality, or with me from different stages in my life, but if this picture is any evidence, not all of us would have a good time.

My other picture "Attacking Myself" was my second attempt. The Great Hall is a large room (as the name would imply) and the delay on my camera isn't that long. Clearly I did not think these things through. For this picture I had to RUN with my SWORD across the big room and get in place before my timer ran out. An interesting experience. I took far more pictures of me posed with my sword than I needed, knowing that there would probably be some overlap. Its an odd picture, I like the dinner party one better, but I still like the idea of it.

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