Monday, 15 November 2010

Five Bean Soup

There is something beautiful about soup. It involves a lot of my favorite things about cooking. I love that you can take a whole bunch of different ingredients and bring them together and have them blend into something new and wonderful. I love that soup can be easy or complicated, thick like stew or a simple broth. This five bean soup was certainly on the easy end of the scale.

All I had to do was saute onions, carrots, celery and garlic in a pan. Then I added that with all the ingredients you see pictured to the right in chicken broth with some barley. Season with a couple bay leaves and some dried basil.

It came out thick and delicious and very filling. If you used a different broth it would be vegetarian in a snap. I'm not one for tomatoes and my mom doesn't like carrots, but with so many other things in this soup it's easy to forget what you don't like and just focus on the tastiness of the whole.

That reminds me of something else I like about soup...I can use it to hide healthy things that I don't normally like under a tasty tasty disguise.

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