Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dangerous Muffins

I love good butter rum muffins. I get them from Price Chopper and Shop Rite and both are delicious. I wanted to try and make my own. After some searching online I found a recipe.

The muffin you see at the left may seem harmless, but ended up being pretty dangerous. I was making the glaze, which involved heating up the rum on the stove and dissolving some sugar into it. I had the burner on low and was carefully keeping an eye on it when the whole thing went FWOOMPH and suddenly I had a flaming pot of sugary rum. And as I was stirring at the time, I suddenly had no hair left on my right hand. I quickly turned off the stove and blew out the firey rum of destruction and there was no real harm done.

Except for the tasteless muffins.

To add insult to injury, I finished making the muffins and they were terribly bland. I had even jazzed up the recipe a bit. I added eggnog instead of milk because I thought it would add an interesting dynamic to the flavor. I also added more seasoning than it called for. Blaaaaaand. Oh well, I can still buy good ones at the grocery store with a greatly diminished chance of setting myself on fire.

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