Saturday, 2 October 2010

Notzucchini Update

So I did spend a good part of yesterday baking up the rest of the eggplant (aka, notzucchini) that mom brought home. I said sixish in my last entry because I hadn't actually count. And I was right to be unsure, because it was actually seven.
The main reason I wanted to post, though, is because in my last entry I said I had covered the slices in salt because it was supposed to draw out the liquid and therefore the bitterness of the eggplant. The last two times I had cooked them, I had covered them in salt and for some reason then splashed a bit of water on them. I guess I thought it would help coat each piece evenly with salty water. This time I put just a generous sprinkle of salt between layer after layer of slices and then left them along for an hour. When I came back to rinse and get to the cooking, I was surprised to come back to a colander of sweaty eggplant.

I took a couple of pictures (of course) because I was surprised at how much liquid was actually drawn out of the eggplant.

Anyway, I think there is enough now. It took about 5 batches in the oven, and I used 6 eggs, a whole stick of butter, about 2.5 hours of labor (not including the hour wait for the eggplant to get all leaky) and a significant amount of breadcrumbs to cook those last 7 notzucchinis. But now there are about 6-7 ziplock bags full of tasty tasty baked eggplant slices. We are ready to party! about 70 days.

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